Thee Quest-Human Emotions- My Trans Journey Continues

Forgiveness lessens depression

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“Living dreamless is often better than waking up from a dream that never really happened!

What is a Dream all about?

Make-believe, right? It is such a part of who we are. Being able to sleep, feeling refreshed when you wake, often feels like a new beginning for each and every day but when we wake and feel as though we never got any rest, we often refuse to believe that maybe the lingering unrest follows us through the night?

Dreaming is a normal part of healthy sleep. Good sleep has been connected to better cognitive function and emotional health, and studies have also linked dreams

Thee Quest-My Trans Journey Continues

It Is Such a Thrill!

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“It seems like a lifetime that I have been waiting to have my ears pierced. I now have wings, I am visible, look at me, See me, yes me, aren’t I special?” “ I am a Trans Woman, these earrings are my brand, and I Love Myself! It is so important to me! I am A woman that appreciates herself.”

Why have I always had a need to have my ears pierced?

Here is one of the reasons: Ear piercing at an early age in kids is said to ensure proper brain development. The ear lobes have the meridian point that connects the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere of the brain…

Thee Quest- Health Series

Why is Breakfast the most important time of day for your health

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The following statement bears repeating, it is enshrined into our brains from the moment we understand that we are the masters of our life, therefore responsible for all our decision making. This time starts usually around our 8 eighth birthday when we absolutely know how much we hate peas!

“All the food we eat needs to taste great. Not just good, great! All the food we eat needs to help us stay healthy even if it’s just for our mental health, get it? All the food we eat must be easy to prepare, cost-efficient, accessible, and affordable”. …

Thee Quest-My Trans Journey Continues

How starting HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can change your life

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Yesterday was my first appointment with my endocrinologist. The beginning of my HRT journey. I will finally have a voice. It has taken forever, all of my life, always on my mind, nagging me, when, when?

Being a pre-teen with feelings

I remember so many moments of my untold story, even if dysphoria haunts my mind, with seemingly unbelievable tales of wanting to be a real girl. I tried to push back those feelings, deep down into the depths of my memory.

I could not sleep at night. I could not be my true self? …

Thee Quest-Black lives do continue to matter-Always

Responding to help others is a mission

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Understanding why each life matters needs to be heard.

More people are asking themselves why being inclusive matters. Whether you are black or white, gay or heterosexual, man or woman, we all are asking ourselves why each of us matters.

Inclusion means that all people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities, or health care needs, have the right to Be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities.

Each member of each community needs to seek answers that will make their life become part of “who they are”. Feeling part of all is not the same as feeling part of a family.

Being safe at home, is not the…

Thee Quest- Women's Rights

Where do we start getting the facts?

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

How can we all help to start something that should have happened at the beginning of time? Let's use March 8th to create a new beginning?

Having the courage to raise your voice!

Being able to voice your opinion is on everyone's mind, I understand that. I am a transgender woman and I have seen so many women talk, talk, talk. I have been a little girl, hiding inside a little boy's body all my life.

My inner voice has helped me stay informed without actually having one . I often cried and…

Pierre Trudel

I am a writer, sharing my life with a partner and soul mate for over 52 years. We love to help others reach their Dreams. Thee Quest. Let us be your compass.

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