Thee Quest-History In Small Towns

Knowing where you come from is important

Grandes-Piles, Mauricie, Quebec (literally “large piles”)

Small towns are the backbone of all countries.

Most of us can trace our beginnings to small logging, farming, and fishing towns that brought our ancestors from all over the globe. They came to raise families and live freely as they had never experienced.

Many of us originate from such small towns and how can we forget what it was like. Some towns, like Grandes-Piles, are really small. They have 361 residents, is that small enough?

Pierrette and I want to share pictures and let these small towns come to life. They are a…

Thee Quest-Human Suffering Must End

When will this ever end, Nuclear proliferation, Human suffering

Thee Quest-Human Suffering Must End

The need for power overshadows the need to end human suffering. There appears to be no cost great enough, even by increasing GDP, that can stop the superpowers from extending their will over the people of the world.

Most of these countries are incredible trading partners, and billions of dollars go through their combined hands, every single day, while the likes of refugees and the homeless wander’s the earth in search of a home, food, and basic necessities of life.

For millions of people just having safe water, sewage facilities, schools, a warm home and…

Thee Quest-Human Suffering Must End

Why are we creating a population of nomads with children as pawns

Thee Quest-Human Suffering Must End

Refugee camps to hold people as hostages must stop! No human being should be held anywhere without consent, especially with armed guards , apparently protecting the hostages and the people entrapped without their will.

When is all this nonsense going to stop? Using arms as the only way to communicate? If you believe in something and your neighbor does not, how does that determine that one of the parties needs to be eliminated? The one with the guns will always win!

We seem to be using “James Bond” tactics to enslave women and children for…

Pierre Trudel

I am a writer, sharing my life with a partner and soul mate for over 53 years. We love to help others reach their Dreams. Thee Quest. Let us be your compass.

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