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  • Elena Wunderbar

    Elena Wunderbar

    Closeted Trans Woman.

  • Natasha Nichole Lake

    Natasha Nichole Lake

    I write articles about entrepreneurship and mental health. I also write books filled with affirmations: natashanicholelake.com

  • Kaz Rochford

    Kaz Rochford

    I write about relationships and life experiences. I also dabble in poetry and fiction…

  • Fred Shirley

    Fred Shirley

    22-year-old physics graduate. Amateur photographer. Gay (he/him).

  • Allison Gaines

    Allison Gaines

    Womanist who ♥︎s words bylines @ ZORA, LEVEL, Momentum — EIC of Cultured, AfroSapiophile, CoFounder of #WEOC allisonthedailywriter.com ☕️ ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

  • Kitty Williams

    Kitty Williams

    I write about feminism, religious deconstruction, surviving narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships, mental health, self love, and my healing journey.

  • Sally Prag

    Sally Prag

    Experimenting through life. I write stories about my travels, family, social media for business, and life’s lessons. Journaling nerd and motivational coach

  • Alice Jay

    Alice Jay

    Researcher Wide open spaces,equine, canine& coffee enthuse.University of Manchester

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