Poetry’s Home-Eternal Love

Love And Friendship Are Meant To Be

No matter how long tomorrow is you can share it

Pierre Trudel
2 min readJul 3, 2021
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Poetry’s Home-Eternal Love

Friends fall in love and it lasts!

Being a friend to support you can become a lifelong journey.

You do not get old and wrinkled in your Mind, Heart, and Soul.

You float as though you are on a long boat ride to nowhere.

You make a pact to never get angry at each other and learn to bear witness to your faults and your dreams.

You build a family and every Christmas is a new beginning. Keep them young and never treat them badly.

Be the example to them, all of their lives. Guide them in their choices, keeping them close to you in your hearts.

When they leave home, to start their own journey, make sure they know where home is! Yes, they need to know how much you care.

Love your grandchildren with tremendous passion, enjoy them as much as your babies, and be the light that shines on their journey.

But most of all, never forget the friendship that guided you on this eternal journey, back to your spiritual home.

Pierre & Pierrette were married on the 3 rd of July 1971, 50 years ago.



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