Poetry’s Home-Human nature reflects past pain

Negative Emotions From A Past Not Understood

Enough said from a past negative mind

Pierre Trudel
Jul 24, 2021


Poetry’s Home-Awaken from the mind of the past- Haiku

Poetry is about love and beauty, so there is no room for hatred, racism, and inappropriate words. Spoken words from home…Ivette Cruz “Home to celebrate poetry”.

Begon words of minds

Set in half-full truths-Let the

Past set us free evermore

Letting go from the past seems so hard to do. Without faith and humble feelings, the past is forever lingering. Love is more powerful than any poor past worries about uncontrollable thoughts.

Let them lie where they belong, move forward in peace, and create a more balanced awakening for future generations!



Pierre Trudel

I am a writer, sharing my life with a partner and soul mate for over 57 years. We love to help others reach their Dreams. Thee Quest. Let us be your compass.